Connecting Human Systems

CROSS-SILO aims to help its clients achieve resilient growth throughout the business cycle by working toward a strength-driven, highly-collaborative, fully-engaging, self-organizing business culture that embraces change.

In 2016, after several interim management positions, Edwin Korver, founder of CROSS-SILO and architect of RoundMap™, decided to pick up on a probe he started in 2014, to uncover what gets people alienated from the work and their passion. 

This led to the creation of the RoundMap® framework, with Positive Inquiry as a driver for collaborative change. 

Some of the considerations for the need for connected human systems include:

  • Playing Our Part: Living meaningfully requires us to play our part in creating meaningful value for others.
  • Clarity on Role: Understanding one’s role is critical. Without it, people will start to fill in the blanks themselves.
  • Entrust and Empower: Leaders must entrust and empower people to play their meaningful part.
  • Create Alignment: Organizations must ensure an alignment on the vision, strategy, mission, and purpose.
  • Depth versus Breadth: An emphasis on specialization leads to disconnected silos that hamper innovation and agility.
  • Whole System: Resilient growth depends on dealing with the workings of the whole system – not just the parts.
  • Learning Cycles: With disruption always around the corner, effective feedback loops become evermore critical.

Special thanks: With the moral support of his wife Stella and dear friends like Henk Koopmans, Vincent van Beek, Patrick Petersen, and Gerard van Vliet, Edwin Korver managed to create a unified business framework to help companies discover, design, develop, and direct business ventures, known as RoundMap®.

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