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While working on this website, we want to point you to some questions we received during our introduction, training, and coaching sessions.

What gives life to the organization?

No business plan, strategy, vision, or team formation can stand the test of time. Conditions change ever faster while interdependencies between the parts grow more complex, forcing organizations to adapt. Organizations need to discover which practices best fit the ruling circumstances while also knowing what not to change, the things that give life to the organization. Transitioning from one state to the next requires organizational change not just in human behavior but also in the administrative aspects of the system, such as processes, systems, structures, and procedures.

While conventional change methods focus on overcoming deficiencies, we focus on exploring, aligning, and leveraging core strengths. By inquiring into the root causes of success, we build a positive core, providing a solid and exciting foundation for people to imagine what could (strength-driven) and should (value-driven) happen. Forbes: “No number of management coaches and consultants can help achieve positive results if we lack awareness of the questions that premise our behavior. The implications are clear: The questions we ask become our tasks. Our inquiries shape our directions.”

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