We rely on strong alliances of trust with great minds and companies to leverage our strengths and walk the talk.

Highly Valued Contributors

The following individuals have been instrumental in bringing Positive Inquiry™ and, to some extent, RoundMap™ to market. Their ongoing contributions to the curriculum are highly appreciated and valued.

  • Henk Koopmans, President Advisory Board, CROSS-SILO BV (Bétête, France) ─ for sharing his wisdom, offering a sympathetic ear, and encouraging us to continue even when the future looked most uncertain.
  • Russell Kern, CEO at KERN Agency, an Omnicom company (Los Angeles, California), now founder of Kern and Partners ─ for entrusting us to lead the positive change projects at KERN and Canon USA.
  • David Cooperriderprofessor at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio) ─ for creating the workbook for Canon USA’s Positive Inquiry Summit.
  • Ron Fryprofessor at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio) ─ for leading the Positive Inquiry Summit at Canon USA in New York.
  • Diego Capelluto, CEO/Founder of Sitara Corporation ─ for assisting us in translating our website to Spanish and helping to create easier-to-understand images and descriptions of our methodologies.

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