Positive Inquiry™ Cases

Over time, the method has been applied in various contexts, including business, education, healthcare, and community development, to foster positive change and transformation.

Here are a few notable examples:

  1. The United Nations Global Compact: The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) is a voluntary initiative that brings together companies committed to sustainable business practices. Appreciative Inquiry has been used within the UNGC to facilitate dialogue and collaboration among participating companies. Enabling them to share best practices, identify common challenges, and develop innovative solutions for sustainable development.
  2. Cleveland Clinic: The Cleveland Clinic, a renowned healthcare organization in the United States, implemented Appreciative Inquiry to improve patient experience and healthcare delivery. The clinic could identify and build upon existing strengths by engaging patients, healthcare providers, and staff in positive dialogues. This resulted in enhanced patient satisfaction, improved quality of care, and increased staff morale.
  3. World Vision: World Vision, an international humanitarian organization, applied Appreciative Inquiry to foster community development and empower local stakeholders. Its processes facilitated community dialogues, identified community assets and strengths, and co-created social and economic development solutions. The approach increased community ownership, sustainable development initiatives, and improved well-being in various communities worldwide.
  4. British Airways: British Airways used Appreciative Inquiry to transform its safety culture. The organization created a shared vision of safety excellence by focusing on positive aspects of safety practices and engaging employees at all levels. The approach increased safety awareness, enhanced collaboration, and improved safety performance.
  5. Canadian Forest Products: Canadian Forest Products (Canfor), one of the largest lumber producers in North America, employed Appreciative Inquiry to improve employee engagement and productivity. Through summits and interviews, employees were encouraged to share success stories and identify best practices. The process created a positive and collaborative culture, resulting in increased employee satisfaction, improved work processes, and higher productivity.

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